The Network of Momentum

The self-evolving network globally deployed to shape digital economies of scale, powered by a worldwide community of innovators

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Global Scale
Global Adoption
  • Pillar Lock-in phase First Alphanet Testnet Whitepaper Lightpaper
  • Quasar Snapshot Public Incentivized Testnet
  • Alphanet Genesis: Network of Momentum Phase 0 WrapDrive Hackathon
  • Accelerator-Z Inception Cross-chain Liquidity Program
  • Full Node Invasion You are here Hyperspace Program
  • Syrius Mobile Wallet Syrius Web3 Wallet
  • Orbital:
    Liquidity Staking
    Expanding cross-chain presence
  • Governance Module Scalability Upgrades
  • Adaptive Smart Contracts Layer


Technology Disruption at Protocol Level

Decentralized, hyper-scalable global network based on a novel dual-ledger architecture, driven by the ethos and principles of Bitcoin

ZTS & zApps
Hybrid Consensus

ZTSA future-proof Token Standard

The Zenon Token Standard ensures that all crypto-assets issued on NoM inherit the exact same properties of ZNN and QSR: security, censorship-resistance and feeless transfers. ZTS tokens can be seamlessly issued through a user-friendly interface directly from the Syrius wallet.

zAppsA new breed of applications:

Advancements in zero-knowledge proof systems, homomorphic encryption and unikernel design will unleash a new class of applications that will obsolete dApps in terms of security, privacy and speed.

The Dual-ledger architecture

The Network of Momentum architecture is overcoming the current limitations of legacy blockchain systems by introducing a Meta-DAG for consensus coupled with a block-lattice structure that can asynchronously process orders of magnitude more transactions.

Hybrid Consensus

A hybrid consensus approach that leverages the best mix of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to secure the Network of Momentum.

A multi-chain approach

Atomic swaps and the decentralized cross-chain bridge will enable users to access and transfer value in a censorship resistant way, while unlocking new use-cases with enhanced portability.

Interoperability with Bitcoin is a core focus to tap into the security and decentralization of the primordial time-chain.

A third dimensional asset enabling zero fees

Plasma is a novel anti-spam mechanism, enabling the feeless property of the Network of Momentum by fusing QSR or harnessing the power of Proof-of-Work.


The dual-coin economy is based on Zenon (ZNN) and Quasar (QSR) to incentivize a fair participation into the network and avoid the compounding effect of many Proof-of-Stake systems.


The dual-coin economy of ZNN & QSR

Based on a dual-coin mechanism, ZNN & QSR work in synergy to power the ultimate protocol for creating digital value

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  • DEX

The Uniswap protocol is an open source peer-to-peer decentralized exchange



  • CEX

Trade with ultra low fees at XeggeX



  • DEX

1inch uses sophisticated security measures to protect users' funds in swaps on other DeFi protocols



  • thorchain THORChain
  • DEX

Multi-chain DEX built on THORChain's cross-chain liquidity protocol

atomic swaps

Atomic swaps soon

  • bitcoin Bitcoin
  • DEX

Atomic swap framework with built-in peer-to-peer cross-chain trading


PancakeSwap soon

  • bnb BNB Smart Chain
  • DEX

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain


QuickSwap soon

  • polygon Polygon
  • DEX

QuickSwap is a next-gen #DEX for #DeFi. Trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees


SpiritSwap soon

  • fantom Fantom
  • DEX

The SpiritSwap protocol captures the essence of everything Defi 2.0 on the Fantom network

trader joe

Trader Joe soon

  • avalanche Avalanche
  • DEX

Trader Joe combines the savory splendor of a classic Cheddar with the satisfying spice of Buffalo wing sauce

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Syrius is a state-of-the-art non-custodial wallet for the Network of Momentum. Store and manage your ZNN, QSR and ZTS tokens in a cross-platform, user-friendly and safe digital wallet

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Network of Momentum is a DAO of DAOs with a protocol level treasury called Zenon Fabric, managed by the Accelerator-Z embedded contract to fund ongoing operations, research & development and new products and services to expand the ecosystem

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The vision, distilled. Explore the code powering the Network of Momentum. Every contribution matters

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Hunt bugs and claim your reward. Frictionless. Security policy available on Github

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Be part of a welcoming community of entrepreneurs, builders, innovators at the forefront of distributed ledger technology and Web3

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