What is Zenon?

Zenon is a cryptocurrency based on an open, worldwide decentralized network using a highly scalable consensus protocol based on mathematically verifiable cryptographic mechanisms.

What is The Network of Momentum?

The Network of Momentum is the technology underlying the Zenon cryptocurrency, a decentralized cyberspace sharing a global distributed cryptographic ledger that is replicated across participating computer nodes. The network is designed to scale-out by expanding current processing constraints linearly with the number of nodes without compromising decentralization while preserving long term security properties under a permission-less operation.

How is Zenon different from other cryptocurrencies?

Zenon challenges the existing status quo of currently available cryptocurrencies by initiating a paradigm shift towards a novel scalable private and secure decentralized ecosystem of zApps.

What problems does Zenon solve?

Zenon aims to remove the entry barrier for developing high performance decentralized applications by enabling a zero infrastructure platform with minimal setup and costs.

Why is Zenon currently using a blockchain implementation?

The community support is crucial for the growth of such an ambitious project; Zenon is currently based on its own blockchain implementation in order to avoid depending on 3rd party implementations (e.g. ERC-20 tokens) in a transparent manner.

What is Zenon's supply?

There can be generated a maximum of ~6.6M ZNN until Network of Momentum.

Is there an ICO?

There will not be an ICO as there is no desire of handling sensitive user data and putting our community in a privacy compromising situation.

Who is behind Zenon?

In the purpose of decentralization, Zenon doesn't want to identify itself with a certain group of individuals. As it's constantly expanding, feel free to contact portal@zenon.network.

What is a Pillar?

Pillar nodes represent the foundation layer of the Momentum's network. Randomly interconnecting with each other, they generate sharding spaces throughout each epoch. The number of shards of the network linearly increases with the computational power within the network.

What is a Sentinel?

Sentinels are special type of nodes that will enable inter-sharding communication channels within the Network of Momentum, participating in the global consensus by validating the integrity of the shards.

How and why do you plan to decentralize the Zenon Network in outer space?

In the pursuit of decentralization of the geographical distribution we're exploring the possibility of integrating a satellite dedicated SDK for Pillars.